You have indicated that you have not received your CT scan.

In order for Conformis to begin designing and customizing your knee, we must first receive and review your CT scan. If you do not already have your CT scan scheduled, please contact your doctor’s office if you need help locating an imaging center.

Once you are scheduled for a CT scan, here are a few helpful things to remember:

You may want to wear loose comfortable clothing to your appointment. The technologist will most likely ask you to remove all metal objects.

The entire appointment generally lasts between 30-60 minutes. Scan times vary but the scan time usually lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. In order for the image to be captured correctly, it’s important that you stay as still as possible during the entire scan.

The CT technologist at your appointment will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the procedure.

After your CT scan is complete, it will be sent to Conformis, which is when your surgery date can be scheduled and your implant design begins. If you have questions about the procedure or where to get your scan, please contact your surgeon’s office.

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The information on this page is a representative approximation of where an implant is in the manufacturing process based on your surgery date. This is not exact information for your implant. If you have any questions or concerns about your surgery please contact your doctor.